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Why what happened?

The actor who plays the kid (or teen now, i guess) in the show is apparently all super Christian now and thinks the show is “filth” and is encouraging people to stop watching it.

right? i thought it was a joke at first. still not even sure tbh

I know, I’m not either. I didn’t actually watch the vid where he says everything yet so idk

I had to google it but omfg if you don’t like it FUCKING QUIT jfc

IKR? He’s probably like contractually obligated to stick with it or something. Who knows. 

  1. emeralddreamer said: The show stopped being worth watching years ago and should’ve been put to death around the same time Charlie Sheen went nuts and they fired him. Or actually before that. It’s been on for 10 years now and that’s like 5 too many lol.
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